Sunday, 8 December 2013

Mood E

Why am I doing this?
Amid all the transistors, programs, yawns and blank walls; this question comes to mind.
Why slog, mug, bite and cheat for four years?
Why put aside my hobbies, my interests to find unknown resistances? Or to sort an array?
Is there a nirvana on the other side?
Is everything worth it?

Maybe there is. Maybe what everyone say must be true. Maybe the fact of low placements everywhere must be a rumor. Maybe the rumor that engineers have to study PG to be considered worthwhile must be a lie.
But there is Hope.

Hope that we will be among the lucky masses that dress up every day in the same striped shirt and pants and rush off to office. That one day we will have a boss and a cubicle; Diwali bonuses and one week off every year. That we have to save every rupee to get the iPhone 10c.

Hope that after 45, we realize that, no, the thing you really want to do is play the drums or click photos. And hope it’s not too late.

And as you close this page and go back to your books, you smile.
And you dream.

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