Friday, 6 July 2012


Smashing the snooze button as hard as possible, barely swallowing breakfast, after a quick shower, you put on your old faded jeans, a cool T-shirt, spray some deodorant and leave for college, missing that one train that made you barely reach the college in time. At the parking near the gate, you give yourself a final look and set your hair in the rear view mirror of someone’s bike. Then you enter your class, If it’s more than 15mins late, it’s over you can’t go to the class even when you know you can still make it, somewhere in your heart you want to just sit in the canteen and goof around and by any chance if you make it you select the last bench behind a huge and tall guy and patiently wait only to sign the attendance sheet.

Almost every student keeps looking at the professor but with their minds somewhere in the canteen or at the door, waiting for “that special person” to come in. Well, there are few party poopers in the class “The first benchers”, they look at exams as a war and try every fair and unfair means to stand out of the crowd, they want their not so beautiful faces in the college magazine with a tag line “topper of the year” , they make proper notes of every topic taught in class and there are few “brilliant students” who takes the Xerox of that notes few days before the exam and says “It’s worth a shot, huh?”. Joking and gossiping from behind your huge chemistry book, playing Tic-Tac-Toe on the last page of the only book you have brought to the class, writing your name in different fonts just to look which one looks cooler or throwing a paper ball at you friend and look away, as if you are the most innocent bastard on the face of the earth are the ways usually used to kill time. By the end of the lecture, everyone is restless and keeps glancing at their watches, slamming books and dropping bags. The professor mercilessly continues teaching, in this situation the worst thing you can hear is professor saying “I am taking the next lecture I want to complete this topic”. Then the most awaited sound comes, the sound of bell ringing, you know you can’t sit the next lecture, because you made a promise to certain some one that you would meet, so you tell your friend to look for the next teacher while you plan escaping via back door.

You can’t expect getting a table in canteen in recess. So if you want to rest your ass on a sit the only way is bunking the previous lecture and grab a sit. Once you get the table you are not leaving it till 5.45 in the evening. When you are sitting on the table with friends you are going nowhere you are like

“kya boor ho raha hai yaar”
“bohat bhook lagihai, kuch khaneko la!”
But no son of a bi*** is ready to get up and walk to the staff and place the order, unless you are too desperate.

During monsoon you see the most beautiful phase of college. You don’t care getting wet in the rains as you don’t have any important thing as such in your bag. That puddle of water in front of the college which few hate can be a matter of enjoyment for others. It’s fun sipping a nice cup of coffee giving a warm feeling to your throat in cold mornings. Exchanging that secret smiles across the tables, telling your friend about your latest crush, you get that teasing from your friends when your crush passes by, the thrill of bunking, the fun of partying and watching movies, That awaked moment when you face the person you were talking about, The feeling when first time we spoke or were introduced to the one we secretly admired and loved, walking by her side while she has no clue what you feel about her, the joy that comes when you receive that “yes” from that one person you has always loved, Taking a romantic rainy walk with someone special on the Marine drive, all that pranks that we pull off; are just too good to miss in life. That taste of tears when you lose your friend, remembering the time when we used to be best friends and now act like total strangers makes your heart cry, the pain that we feel when we are dumped or ditched can rush all the emotions through our veins, to the heart out of nowhere.

The rose day, sari and tie day, chocolate day, college festival is the most awaited days. All “dress to kill”, guys look all hot shots and girls look, well, just HOT and don’t forget the friendship day and the Valentine’s Day. College is the place where most of us make friends of life time.

 The trickiest part of college is we have to pull off our studies, especially when we have so much to distract us, but most of us manage it pretty well and come out as a success. One has to keep a fine balance between enjoyment and what we are here in college. At least make an effort to stand-up somewhere close to your parent’s expectations.