Sunday, 8 July 2012


I wake up and the first thing I do is look for my mobile. Its usually on my side table. If its not there, I check under the pillow, in the sheets, and even under the bed. I calm down as i find it in my pocket. Silly me.
Unlock. Messges. Four. Four? Thats two less than yesterday morning. I open them One forwarded and three “gud mrng”. I reply to them, check WhatsApp, and then turn my attention to the call of nature.
Almost everyone of us is addicted to the Mobile (a.k.a cell a.k.a phone a.k.a cell phone). And not just for calling; texting, gaming, the internet, music etc. And facebook. dont forget that. With so much functions crammed into it, its hard not to get addicted to it. And like every other addiction, its very very hard to curb it.
Parents probably wont understand the addiction. Thats natural. Mobiles were not around in your childhood. We grew up around them. We saw them evolve from chunky green and black things to sleek smartphones. They are now a vital part of our lives. An extension of our hands. We have our boyfriends, girlfriends, just-friends, photos, videos, songs, games, our whole world inside it!
Just to pop the bubble, How about some boring maths?
Lets say a boy wakes up at 9 AM and goes to sleep at 12AM. Thats 15 hours of staying awake. At 200 messages per day, thats 13 messages an hour. And that, my dear friends, is a message every 5 minutes. Good? Bad? Healthy? You decide.
Just stating the facts here. I have seen my friends bordering on paranoia and hysteria when they cant find their mobiles. I have seen them get depressed when they don’t get an instant reply. (Chill, dude, she must be in the toilet.) Chatting late in the night causes headaches and makes you irritated. Sometimes, it upsets your sleep cycle. Well, you must really like headaches then. It also ruins your English, lessens your attention span, reddens your eyes, spoils your eyesight, and makes you sterile. Okay, the last one was not true. Even so.
Addictions can be controlled.  Even this one. Its simple really. (Elementary, Watson.) Don’t recharge your message or net pack. You can still send messages, but they will cost you. Better yet, switch to Vodafone.  That will teach you a lesson.
Parents, don’t force us to stop using mobiles. Don’t take them away. That will only makes matters worse. We will stop using them when we lose our arm in an accident because we were on facebook while riding a scooter.
The cellphone is one of the most useful gadgets in our life. Use it only when nesecarry. There’s no need to know whether s/he had dinner. There are better things in life to get addicted to. This blog, for example. I have to go now. Someone just messaged me.


  1. u too r addictd to it ryt nw???? ryt??? n u wer ryt i will lyk it

  2. lolz...u...?addicted to msging..joke..
    well..i can say..''i am..''