Thursday, 5 July 2012


         I buried the books in my bag as fast as I can and ran down to get out of my college along came my fellow classmate. Wow!! Off Lectures are the best part of college life (its importance can only be recognized by teens)!

9:30 in the morning, pleasant monsoon climate added cherry on top! As I got out a cool breeze ran through my hairs accompanied with sweetest smell of mud, I consider that smell to be better than any cologne! I stopped, took a deep breath sensing that smell (and I use the following phrase rarely) it purified my soul!! It brought an involuntary smile on my face...

I reached the station to catch a train to go downside, luckily I got one soon.

I stepped in 1st class (without ticket). There were few people discreetly sitting. I headed straight to the door, curled my hand around the middle pole, stepped on the edge of door, plugged in my headphone and suddenly everything faded out, now it was just me, songs and the train! The train gained considerable speed...

My headphones were playing Paradise City, a perfect song, a perfect moment. Everything was so green, so beautiful! It was never that beautiful as it was now. It was like monsoon had done some magic on this place. Clouds came down on mumbra hill. The only thing missing was my love in my arms! Then that would have been a moment to seize, who need Heaven? I already got one!!!

As I stared, grey clouds started gathering, it was sign of rain to enter! The song changed to Knocking on Heavens was like my iPod was reading my mind! Suddenly a big drop of rain splashed on my heart. Oww it hurts! After a moment I was being hit by millions of it. When in train it hits you like hailstones...

It was quite an experience. Hope everyone will have one in this or coming monsoon. Happy Monsoon!!



  1. beautiful way f describing thngs.... :)

  2. good art of describing...keep it up..nice stuff..