Sunday, 1 July 2012


Learning is what we were doing from the day we were born but from the time education came into our life it  ruined everything. I don’t claim  education to be bad but what our system made of it, it is. We have been studying different topics from the very first day.

 History! Why the hell we need to know why mughal guys fought with marathas.
Geography! Why the hell we need to know where Bihar is, it’s a different story if an individual is interested  in those babuas. 

Simillary many other subjects are included in our curriculum for no particular reason. We call india a democratic country but there is no freedom to choose what we need to do. No schools which teaches us according to the passion the person has. The system brings everyone under the same roof for many many years and then divide into two major streams commerce and science. 

The most important and critical problem is educational stress. There are always targets and deadlines. We spend at least a decade of our lives and sometimes almost two in formal education: a constant round of homework, essays, regular tests, end-of-term and end-of-year exams – which, it is impressed upon us, will shape our careers and the rest of our lives. Stress is built into the education system.  The very joyous moments of childhood are supressed due to the force parents and society create on children.
Parents could never understand the situation because their parents did so and our children will suffer the same. And this disease will continue within our whole clan. No one will ever step forward towards a revolution, Kapil Sibal will keep changing the system everyday and we wont change because we are powerless.

So I think we have to ask ourselves whether we want to create a generation of test-takers and resume-builders, or do we want problem-solvers and life-long learners and healthy young adults.
Just wait till your children grow up and sue you for ruining their childhood. Haha!



  1. Hi Hunter, you have vented out the reflexes and torture of your generation. I am 100% with you except one little impression of yours that "we are Powerless"... Dear, understand the Power with in you. You are budding youth. You are future. You are hope. And let's take care of the gen next... Let no childhood be ruined hereafter... Hari Om...

  2. tht was a fantastic write-up !!