Friday, 27 July 2012


My recent encounter with a restaurant was pretty eccentric, me with few friends were hanging out at Colaba (Mumbai) just like most of the jobless teenagers do. After few laughs and jokes we were all like “It’s time to get down to business, LETS EAT”. You know you have that one friend who never eats outside food, even he agreed to our decision, well it was lunch time after all. We were not in a position to enter a fancy restaurant and finding a cheap restaurant in heart of Colaba is like finding a pure vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok. Having a pit in our stomach was bad enough but afternoon heat was making it worst. After roaming for some time we ended up staring at closed shutter of Bademiya (a famous restaurant of colaba), OMG that’s the worst feeling ever. We were on the verge of ending our quest. We were having our walk of shame, when suddenly we came across a restaurant few blocks away from bademia “BAGDADI”.It was a small not that clean typical Islamic restaurant, we never would have entered that restaurant if it was not for our rumbling stomach. After entering, first thing I noticed was the strong smell of an incense stick, the guy in charge of providing tables was pretty helpful though. After grabbing a table, I pounded on the menu like a ninja; I had this huge smile after seeing the price range. It was too cheap to be true. I was goanna ask the waiter “Do you guys still live in 90’s? My grandfather use to tell stories about such rates.” but the only thing that stopped me was a huge black hole inside my stomach and ordered a chicken chilly and few kababas instead. Our order arrived in no time, service was pretty good, Rotis over there are prodigious, Taste was pretty nice much more than I expected, cheap price are few things I adored. Chicken fry and gravy on the side is something to die for. They have this unique thing, waiter won’t serve you food on your plate they just keep the whole plate at the centre of the table and you are given a plate for roti. You have to dig into one plate which reminds you of your college canteen.



1.       Cheap Food, That’s the first thing I noticed about the restaurant. They serve better food in low price and It’s not like they give you less quant they are pretty generous in their food quantity too.
2.       Service is pretty fast. You are served with hot and tasty food in no time.
3.       Taste is really good, just can’t avoid the temptation of licking fingers after every bite.


1.       Not that hygienic, if you are expecting all that classy 5 star food then you would be disappointed.
2.       Heavy food, if you are health conscious avoid visiting, especially if you are kind of person who keeps his calories in check, they provide typical Islamic food which is really heavy.
3.       Sorry Veggies, if you are vegetarian it’s not the place for you. They provide vegetarian food but definitely not that satisfactory. Don’t visit the place unless you are a good old meat eater.


I will give them  7 / 10.


11, Tulloch Road, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai.


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