Thursday, 12 July 2012


Picture a seagull, flying in the air, its graceful flight, wings spread majestically wide, swooping down at the slightest hint of movement in the ocean below, grabbing its prey in its sharp beak and back to its silent vigil back in the skies.

In many ways than one, I find this similar to the city of dreams, Bombay, Mumbai! This city, be warned, is not for the faint-hearted. It will blindside you with its glamour but do not mistake it as its vanity. To live here-not survive or exist- really live here, you need to get in sync with the famed 'spirit' of Mumbai.

Okay, enough about the big bad world out there. Mumbai is zest personified! The buzzing , busy streets of Fort area, the beautiful Marine Drive, the ever-so beckoning Juhu beach, the hip locales of Bandra, the un-kosher Crawford market, the lingering smell of salt air, the unmistakable, delicious smell of typical street food and the people! Oh....the will not, quote, find a more adorable and assorted bunch anywhere else on this planet. They are outspoken, blunt, broad minded, magnanimous, money-minded, glamour-loving and mostly helpful.

The backbone of Mumbai is its transport system. Though not exactly luxurious, it is well maintained and efficient. Mumbai was famous for its trams before but, sadly those delightful red wagons on wheels no longer exist. It is said that every ‘mumbaikar’ has a special group of friends – travel friends- people who commute with you- you might not even know their names but they are still your friends. The fast paced lifestyle and strenuous working hours serve to bring people closer.

The night life of the city is much talked-about, more in the past than now (pun intended). It just adds to the aura of glitz and bling to the city. A casual conversation over bun-muska and chai or the aimless strolls through the back alleys of girgaon or the burn-a-hole-in-the-pocket coffee at Café Coffee Day, taking a ride in a double decker bus, or simply gazing out at the sea, having those various random thoughts, you can’t help but feel that it is more enjoyable in Mumbai than elsewhere. The city has been instrumental in shaping the lives of many living legends, including a certain curly-haired, chubby Bandra boy, often seen practising at Shivaji park, who went on to own a Ferrari, though that is just a perk in his long list of achievements. Yes right you are, Sachin, the God of cricket. Clichéd, but true!   

The city has gone through a lot of turmoil over the years, but it has managed to retain its charm. It is a sacred land for us. To live here , is to experience life  in its rawest, untamed form. I love mumbai. 
PS: I am almost tempted to say 'Amen'.

-Guest (Savali)



  2. Very fab choice of words and expressions, Savali. Although the topic is cliche' and like a true Mumbaikar, your 'favourable bias' (ooops ! the oxymoron ) towards Mumbai is patent, it's a very bright and youthful take. Hence, the freshness.

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