Sunday, 15 July 2012


The white Activa weaved in and out of the traffic. The boy sporting aviators grimaced against the wind. White iPod earphones could be seen trailing down his T-shirt. He failed to see a Scorpio that jumped a red light and sped towards him. It was not the boy's fault that he died. But, he could have heard the Scorpio honking if only he wasn't listening to music on full volume.

This is not an isolated incident. many teens have lost their lives under trains or hit by cars or bikes just because they were listening to music on full volume.

You dont actually have to play music so loudly. In-ear earphones are naturally noise reducing. You can enjoy the song even if you keep the volume upto 70%.

That said, listening to rock songs with the volume cranked up high is one of my favourite things. When I go shopping, I ask for the earphones with the best sound quality and highest sound output. Its quite addictive, actually. when I plug them in, the world ceases to exist. I can see and feel everything around me. But I can only hear the song that's playing. Awesome.

Then again; Don't I care about my life? sure I do. I don't want to be that old guy who holds a hand behind his ear every time someone speaks to him. (What?? Did you say bitch? Or was it ditch?)

Full volume, to put it mildly, screws your ears. The 'good' thing about that is, once you lose your hearing, there's no way you're going to get it back!

 It all boils down to priorities now; The song? Or your hearing ability? The drum beats? Or your ear drums? The full volume? Or your life?

Go. Figure.


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