Wednesday, 11 July 2012



        That typical dialogue that you get to hear throughout the movie “Have I told you about my condition before?”. That’s right, the story of an Insurance Officer Leonard Shelby who has a psychological condition of not being able to make new memories past injury. The story of a man who seeks revenge for his wife’s rape and murder. Kahani mein twist! Well, apparently he failed in history for the same reason. (kidding), the guy forgets everything, places, faces, events, dates, names…all wiped out in 15 minutes. Yes, I’m talking about the movie MEMENTO directed by Christopher Nolan (Inception guy, right).
             Well it does sound totally normal, right? Just like our good old Bollywood movies. With all ‘saale, kutte, kaminey’ stuff and masala action. But let me stop you right there, it’s totally different and a highly intellectual suspense thriller. Friendly advice-pay good attention while watching the movie. In short it’s a revenge story. And that’s exactly what you feel when you start watching the movie and trust me, you won’t feel the same by the end…and those who’ll do, Bol Bachchan just released and I’m pretty sure Rowdy Rathore is still up there.

          The movie’s awesome story-line proves to be the backbone; plus Guy Pearce’s outstanding performance as Leonard Shelby and Christopher Nolan’s experimental direction adds feather in the cap. Most importantly the treatment to the movie is done perfectly. In the movie we see two different stories of same person distinguished by black-and-white and coloured sequences and, wait for it…at the end both the stories connect and unravel a mystery. Now that you are way too excited about this go ahead watch it. Now if you want the factual data, it grossed over $25 million. A worth watch indeed, trust me you won’t regret it. Till then, Adios.

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