Friday, 27 July 2012


I was eagerly waiting for this day; the day I finally wrote a note which shows my true feelings. I meet many people daily, many of them- totally unwanted. I bet, each and everyone of us knows such an irritating person. My life is full these scum. As I completed my school life, I met loads of such people. Many of my school’s best buddies have now become my worst enemies. College life has inflated their egos. They are of no use now, they should keep their attitude with themselves. I met many of the geeks in my life, who just believe that they are the best and underestimate others ignoring the fact that they are just ‘Bookworms’.
This incident may have happened in your life a lot of time; when you are having fun with your friends and then suddenly your phone rings. You see that your most unwanted acquaintance is calling you. You look at your best friend “Why the hell this bastard is calling me?”. Your friend keeps laughing at you because you are the unluckiest person on the earth. The scum now asks you “Hey, where are you?” and as you are the best liar on the earth you answer “I’m with my mom dude, cant meet you.” OR “I have just begun my studies and Dad’s at home so talk to you later". This happens with me most of the times.

Then sometimes you observe the scum coming towards you. Then his first question will be like this, “Saale Mom ke saath tha na?” then you are screwed. But you somehow get rid of the scum.

These unwanted guys are saved in my contacts list with names like this Jhandu, useless, chu etc.

The most awesome feeling will be when I completely remove these people from my life. I think they are quite intelligent and have understood with my behaviour that I don’t want to meet them at all but still they have hopes. Hopes must be there in your lives, that’s good.

On one side I have these people and on the other side I have my best buddies. So, no issue whether the scum exist in my life or not. But there will be a day when I will surely tell these scum “F off!”

-Guest (Gopu)

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