Monday, 24 December 2012


Think of a girl…or a woman who is very close to remember a wonderful moment that you spent with this person...done? If no then do it right now...ok...great..

One fine day you wake up and you come to know that this person faced a tragedy and is admitted in some hospital,.you visit that look at her..she is sitting on a bed,.silent,.staring at the wall,.her eyes full of tears,.then you come to know that she has been raped by someone,.she doesn't say it, you don’t ask it, you just know it…from the defeated look in her eyes…you can do nothing but calm her down, hold her .then you seek help from police,...police says they have caught the rapists and will present them in court soon, try your best to seek the worst punishment possible for the rapists,.but friends,.why not prevent it,.
how?,'s how,.

          The above para must have surely reminded you of the recent gang rape incident in Delhi,.but when you came to know that she was raped by 7 people,…and that's not all.,.her intestine had to be removed because they had put a metal rod into her vagina,.what did you do?,.Let me guess,...Got very angry and accused them with your friends,...updated your status on Facebook that says this is not done & other bullshit,...and got back to your normal life isn't it,...99% of you did the same thing friends,…you'll say court is there to decide,...but the court will sentence them a punishment of some years,…and when everyone forgets about the incident..,.the same court gives them bail and set them free to search for another victim,…and this time, could be the person that you thought of before,…

           Why not unite together for this 23 year old young girl...raise your voice and DEMAND for a capital punishment for such bastards,...demand for a law that criminals will fear ...demand for a law without any loop holes,..because only then we can proudly say that WE LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY,.
            Come on friends,...gear up!..,.because its now...or never..

By a guest writer- Aniket Shetty