Monday, 24 December 2012


What do you think of after reading the above lines? If you don’t get what’s that you doesn’t seem to be a “foodie”.
You know or you don’t, it’s the KFC’s line up slogan. Now, if you ask what’s KFC, next article please.
KFC is a Fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, United States.
These people are actually meant for Non veggies.
Just to inform you that, being a vegetarian I’m one of the biggest KFC lovers (atleast in India) because you hardly find a vegetarian item in KFC’s menu( outside India)
Sir Harland Sandlers was the founder of KFC who used to sell fried chicken roadside in Kentucky.
There are many big industrialists who have invested huge funds in their business and grown up like anything. But in my view Mr. Sandlers made the best contribution.

KFC’s got a great competition in India as it isn’t suitable for our pockets every time.
Yeah, now you may think about McDonalds and you are correct this time. In my personal opinion, McD is a piece of sh*t or worse.
They just going on trying to compete with KFC by copying their kind of service, packaging, even the spices.
People in India are mad for McD, this is just because of its competitive low prices. When it entered India, it used to provide good food quality with lower prices but now we can see that the cant afford to provide quality food at lower prices. Why to compromise with the quality? Many people aren’t even aware about  KFC, I feel sorry for them.
Even a roadside fellow will provide crispy fries then McD ones.
People here and there keep on asking me how could you be a great fan of KFC(being a veg.) and I don’t know what to say.
Many think that KFC isn’t made for veg. creatures.
Let them think that way, I don’t mind.

I was about to post this article on McDonald’s website but I was sad when I saw that those people don’t even provide with feedback box but are ready to give me a job.

People, you keep thinking about KFC. I can’t keep myself away from KFC
I have a lot of respect for this guy who is the Lord Of Food for me!

MC Donald’s lovers go to hell!
Btw, No offense.

By a guest writer- Gopu

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