Sunday, 24 February 2013


Venue: A mall in Mumbai.
Time: 1-ish.
Bunked class.

We are sitting around the table. Me and my four friends. A bucket from KFC just sitting half eaten. Taunting us to eat more. I take out my mobile to check for any new notifications. Just then, Pranav lets out a low whistle. “Fuck yaar....” “Shit man...”

I look up to see what happened and a girl walks by me. She’s wearing a tight fitting black top. And a red mini skirt. And many inches of high heels. I looked around expecting a photo shoot or something. A photographer calling out to her. But no, she just went past us and walked in Subway’s. Of course.

I look at Amod. He’s drooling. Himanshu is waiting for his camera to load so he can click a photo of Amod drooling. 

“What do you think?”
“Yup. Definitely Arsenal.”

He looks at me. “What do you think?”
“Myeh.” I grunt.
“Dude, look at her. She’s awesome. How can you not like her?”

Well, I thought, that’s the question. Do I look at girls? Sure I do. I look at them just like I read every signs I pass, or like I read t shirts. I read and forget. I don’t think about girls almost all waking moment of my life. Girls don’t influence how I plan my day. Which malls I visit (Great girls at vashi malls. Thane...ok ok) or into which First Class i get. 

I remember in ninth standard, when girls were coming out from the “playmate” zone and entering into the “special friend” zone. There were tactics of how to get a girl talking, how to get into a relationship with a girl, how to get her kiss you.

And there I was. Engrossed in Most Wanted. (If you don’t know what it is, Die.)  I was busy rising up on the black list and beating Razor. And the only thing I wanted was my BMW M3 GTR back.

While the ‘macho’ boys from our class discussed the latest porn they watched, i was busy working on a game in VB script. While my friend got his first girlfriend, I won my first karate tournament. They broke up a few months later, I still have the medal.

Truth is, I don’t see the point. (No pun intended) I look at a hot girls. Yes, she’s hot. No, I’m no longer looking.

What’s the point of looking at a girl i have no intention of talking to. And i can’t even fap in public.
Seriously, It’s embarrassing. You look like the despo who gets high just looking at girls. If you have the guts, next time you see a girl you like, go talk to her. Make an approach. Be interested in how she is. Not what she is. Our generation needs to respect them. The older raped. Are we that low?

PS: To my friends who are probably sniggering, This is NOT an effect of being in a relationship. Stop laughing bastards.

Ok. Maybe some of it is.

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