Sunday, 1 July 2012


Five ordinary small-town guys who then became the trend-setters of the United States. They got the whole nation head-banging on their tunes and rocked the world. They got a whole stadium packed with crowd just to listen to their song- Paradise City, the rock stars of 1980’s…they are none other than Guns N’ Roses. 

Now many of you are aware of this band (I suppose). Cuz, they just got everyone dancing on their legendary songs right from all the black/dark/death-metal lovers or self proclaimedsatan-worshippers (who btw has no idea about the meaning of the word ‘satan’) to guys who are interested in Hip-Hop and Raps (they are pretty easy to spot too. Lot usage of the word ‘nigga’ even they are unaware of the meaning btw). All I’m saying is Guns n’ Roses are loved by everyone even by 35-40 year olds. They were the R. D. Burman of USA who set/left a benchmark in Music (although, their contribution was in Rock Music). Lyrics with deep meaning, music, soothing and rocking, shifts as per the different states of mind of the listener, Slash’s (the best guitar player the world has ever seen) guitar solos and Axl Roses’ peculiar singing with a shocking stamina and an unbelievable high pitch voice this specialities added a cherry on the pie. 

Apparently, as we say, Nothing lasts forever. The band members had some tough times adjusting with each other and addition of new members made things worse and many of the former legendary members like Slash and Duff McKagan left the band. Still, the albums released in the 1980’s and 1990’s are worth listening.
You try Guns N’ Roses and I ensure you a good time. Till then, Adios.

  • 1. Sweet Child O Mine
  • 2. Paradise City
  • 3. Don’t Cry
  • 4. November Rain
  • 5. It’s So Easy
  • 6. Welcome To The Jungle
  • 7. Patience
  • 8. You’re Crazy
  • 9. Since I Don’t Have You
  • 1 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
  • 1Ain’t It Fun
  •  Live And Let Die
Rating: 4 ½ out of 5


  1. Hi Prince, Its a good article. I am a mid-age reader. So would have loved more info about style of this band? and why you remember RD Burman? Good work though. Keep it up.

  2. Don't be mistaken, the music style does not reminds you of R. D. Burman. But, both, Guns N' Roses and Pancham sir brought a revoultion, rather evolution in the field of music. Their genre was Hard Rock, but their music was divine.