Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Four days after a peaceful trip when you are relaxed sitting in your car, the AC is on, rain is there, you are in middle of facing some occult experiences and a friend calls you!
“Hey the result is out! Tell me your seat number I’ll check yours...”
“ thanks” you say.
“Just tell me. Hurry I got 125 I passed!!”
Just because of curiosity and desperation of knowing your marks you leak your number.
“Just a sec”
That second makes you skip your heartbeat, stop your pulse and all other crap a k a you are dead for a second! You obliviously hope for getting cool score. It’s human nature no matter how bad you wrote your paper but at the time of result you always expect to get extraordinary score(you never say this to others but it’s in your mind)!
Well the second passes and moment arises...
“...and you got 95. Oh freak!”
“What the f***” That’s your only expression. What worst can happen you just Fail for 5 marks!! Loose a year just for 5 marks. There is no other feeling worst than being left behind. Suddenly your life turns out to be black, hopeless and pitiful!
“am sorry yaar”
“’s okay. Congo by the way!” and you conclude the call. After the calls follows a long long silence.
Though you are not talking from your mouth but your mind is speaking continuously, figuring what you are going to say to your family and friends more over how you gonna face them!? That’s the most difficult part. Tears come right down to your eyes but you control them!
As time passes by you learn to digest the fact a bit. But people don’t let you do that. Your friends and relatives and all and human being on the earth phone and message you asking your result and again evoke your sense of guilt.
Then comes the second stage, in college! “How much did you get...Congrats!” this dialogue hurts you every time you say it! Like a spear striking you continuously. You are in dilemma whether to be shameless and say you failed or to cry every now and then either way people gonna talk about it! You see in their eye they consider you cheap and low grade! They try to give you sympathy. But no one actually cares they are busy in their enjoyment, why shouldn’t they? Your ability and intelligence is doubted. You can’t say a word.
This is exactly what Being Fail feels...
Every person face similar kind of situation in life. Not just exam but at every step of your life! Don’t consider failure a curse, it is an opportunity to prove yourself and prove other wrong! Leave the people who sympathised you in Awe!! Hit them on the face with your success.
Being fail is common but overcoming your failure is what that differs and is what that matter. Failure is recited for a day or two but success is remembered forever!
Thomas Edison said “I will never say I failed for 1000 times but I’ll say I discovered 1000 ways that can lead failure”

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