Wednesday, 13 March 2013



    Its 5:00 am in the morning, you are in the bed, alarm on your phone rings
-         and at least you have snoozed it off 5 times. Somehow you get up and then think “should I go to college today?’ The answer is obviously NO but on the other hand you also think that sitting home is of no use. Mom and Dad keep on saying “Its 8:00 am and still you are sleeping!” (as if they are jealous that they can’t sleep much). They just want to criticize what you do. “You spend 10 hours on your sleep, it cost you too much”. You just want to avoid this kind of situation. Then the situation anyhow comes to studies. They will surely insist you to study now just because you haven’t attended your college (as if we study in our college).

-                      Then you decide to go to college, you are already 20 mins late for the lecture and you ask the professor whether you can walk in and he is like “I have seen you for the first time, you don’t seem to be regular (you asshole)” and he argues with you. Again teacher starts giving you a lecture about your irregularity in the college and blah blah, blah blah blah.  finally you are out of the class. You don’t attend lectures anymore. You keep chit chatting with your friends, go to gymkhana, canteen and just hang out.

            You again reach home. Mom asks you for the food and you are hungry too. Then you would surely like to pass some time by watching T.V or movies on your PC. This gives another opportunity to give up a short lecture, “Why are you wasting your time in watching movies , go and study exams are nearby”
Finally after arguing with Dad you go to sleep.

            Your Professors and Parents can never understand you. Your whole day somehow gets over with all scoldings and arguments with parents and teachers and the same continues the next day which can never end.

-                     I’m sure your best time will be to meet up your best friends (atleast for me). You can share the weirdest experiences of your day with them as they face these kinds of situations too.  In case, by chance you get some free time to meet up your friends in the evening, you are happy. But on the other hand again your parents have lots of problems . Mom keeps on calling you, you keep ignoring her phone call. As you reach home, Mom and Dad are sitting front of you (giving  indication for another lecture) and then “why don’t you understand? Don’t you know it’s too late? You don’t have time to spend with your family and can manage to meet up your friends!” Again you try to avoid them but somehow you have to listen to them.


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