Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Money doesn't mean everything..!!!

Reading this title you may probably have put on an opinion on me that this guy is a greedy asshole and he can do anything for money. If you think so about me then you are absolutely right. I can do anything for money (it sounds so evil) as long as it is legal. Since childhood I had this attraction for this "M" lettered word “Money”. The vitamin M. When my friends used to be engrossed buying toys I used to be glaring at the colour of notes and measuring weight of coins which my parents and relatives used to give me on my birthday for buying toys and clothes. As I grew young I came to know about pocket money from my friends but I never got any from my parents.I overcame a so called milestone in life of SSC exam things started to get clear after entering into commerce stream. I chose this field just for getting closer to my dream, money but it didnt helped much. Hardly at times there used to be something interested related to money matters. After clearing the 2nd milestone, HSC exam, I took the course of CA, hoping for something better. It was awesome as I got introduced to many beautiful things, one of which was stock market; the ultimate money multiplying machine. Finance and accounts were my heart throb, but only in the learning phase. I always used to go through this problem that whenever I used to do anything for the purpose of exams I used to lose interest in that subject. Anyways dealing through the mess I had created in IPCE (2nd level in CA) I continued my dream of money. I always dreamt big. My friends are dreaming of earning money, I am dreaming of making money. Business is the only thing I am born for and I want to make loads of money.

  It is easy to say money doesn't mean everything when you have it. God and good people might think that money should get attracted towards poor but in reality only money attracts money. The age old prophecy continues, “Rich gets richer and poor get poorer." Being a teenager is never so easy. We have to do so much of multi-tasking; studies (I know I shouldn't have said it first), hanging out with friends, gf/bf (plural for some guys), bunking important lects and going for movies (important), bird-watching, gossip (dedicated to girls) and so on. Oh, I missed one of the most important things and that is "MM" Money management.

  Finally I arrive at the main topic (intro was too long it seems)! How does it feel when you smell something mouth watering delicious food being cooked on some stall and you are damn hungry and you put your hand in pocket and just feel the cloth of your jeans! Or after wandering a lot in scorched Sunlight when you see a juice center and check out your wallet and can find nothing more than train tickets or some unwanted papers! If that is not enough take this one, when your entire friends plan for a movie and you plan for an escape route just cause of your empty pockets!
  Money has its own importance at every stage in our lives, whether it be teenage or old age. Accept it or not, it hurts a lot when the money we save need to be paid towards contribution for our friends birthday gift. In today’s modern world nothing can make you feel more secure than your pockets filled with few bucks. For a teen like you and me, when we have our pockets empty we look like the most innocent creatures on this planet (most sacrificing also). Seeing tasty food we turn our faces and if friends say, “Let’s have it!" You reply, “It’s not hygienic, I know a nice place, we will go there tomorrow." Next stage, when we have few bucks, say 20-50rs. we feel safe, relaxed and like a normal human being (innocence is reduced). If we see tasty food then we can at least see it and think about having it (alone!!!).
The last stage is my personal favorite; I will name it the "Richie rich" stage.
We are 'The King' and at the top of our world. In this stage not only will we eat the delicious food but start giving treat to our friends (especially if there's a gal in group). We suddenly become soo generous that we start lending money, that to without interest. If care is not taken, not much time is needed, converting from lender to borrower Or else from 'The King' to 'the King of beggars'
 Money is such a thing that if we don't have it we want it and if we already have it then we want to have it more. I remember old English saying, “Man made money and money made man mad!" People say money cannot buy happiness. When a person is dying and is in urgent need of money for operation and if someone provides him with the required amount, then that someone suddenly turns from a normal human to almighty god. Those tears of happiness in the eyes of his family are unmatched. Except the air we breathe, we need money for everything, now a day even for water. Money is needed for fulfilling our every want, wish, desire and dream.
  Guys to be frank in today’s 21st century money means everything. Parents are behind us (it would be apt to say with a whim) yelling at us to study. "Study harder"..."there is a lot of competition out there"..."it’s not easy to even earn a rupee outside"..."You cannot withstand outside world without money" these are some of the common sayings in every teens life. Some of us take them seriously and study hard, score well and may make good money by working in some corporate firm. Some of us take them for granted and spend their entire life sucking their parent’s money. Later when they become parents, they start realizing their mistakes. The last class is where i belong. We want to make our own money, don't wanna depend on anybody. We listen to parents but still do what we dream for, what our passion is. I personally feel these kinds of people make their own way, make a lot of money and do justice to their work. I want to be an entrepreneur (The biggest). Money means everything to me because after earning heaps of it I want to spend it for another secret dream of mine. Since childhood I am hearing that the gap between rich and poor is widening, I want to stop it. I want to make poor people enjoy nice food, clothing and shelter, eliminate the huge mass of beggars and fulfill the dream of one of my ideals A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. I want to restore the golden glory of our nation and utilize full potential of our nation. Even today what our country needs is "Capital" as it is already blessed with the best of the minds, natural resources and souls. I want to set an example for many. I want to make money like Warren Buffet and Ambanis and use it wisely like Ratan Tata and Bill gates.
 Money is not a bad thing. I know people say "money kills" but that depends on how we use it. People say money separates families; turn brothers into enemies; and only bring sadness. "Money is a curse". I don't believe in it. My family and friends say that I don't have a single penny in my pocket that's why I talk like that. But that's not true. I know I won’t sell my soul to money. I love money as I know that can only be the solution for problems it has caused. Youth needs to understand that without money there won't be a future. I don’t say rob banks or earn money by illegal means. Make money by working hard, many have made it so why can't we!
 There's a lot to say but I will write it after I have my pockets filled. Let’s see if money can change me or if I can change things with money. Some of you guys won't agree with me but after all every coin has 2 sides. I will end this by saying one last thing, “Money means everything to me!!!"

-100 Godzz (Saurabh)

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  1. Too gud re!! Totally agree!! Hope u vl get wat u desire!!