Tuesday, 11 December 2012


The reason I'm going about 100kmh on my Royal Enfield 350 Bullet, is because I'm pissed. Not pissed pissed; but kind of irritated pissed. Because I don't get to ride it a lot at high speeds. Dad is all like it is made to be ridden slowly... Savouring every moment. True, dad. Heads turn as you go "waltzing" by on a bullet at low speeds, the thump of the silencer is unmatched by any other bike. But that's it. On the highway though, the sound smoothes out as you ease into the third gear, and then the fourth. The bullet becomes silent.. Very silent. Bikes such as the CBZ or pulsar start vibrating a bit at high speeds. Their engines whine at the strain. No. Not the bullet. Effortlessly it embraces the high speed and does it the finesse that other bikes lack.

Another reason I'm irritated pissed is cause ever since I told my friends that I ride a bullet, I've been bombarded with suggestions on how to ride it. Like they know better. Sid, you have to turn it with body weight, Sid, your weight won't be enough, Sid, you have to gain weight, Sid, do me a favour, don't ride the bullet. Here's my finger guys. I've been observing my dad ride it for years. I know how to handle that beast. Thank you very much.

Before starting, I unlock the handle, the petrol knob and take it off the stand. Now the big part. Kick-starting it. I take three tries till the engine roars to life. Every time I start it, I'm filled with the same sense of awe. With other electric start bikes, half the time you don't realise it's running. If you don't realise that the bullet is running, well then you'd have to get your bums checked. And your head.

I roar past jealous boys, awestruck girls (impressed that I can handle it, you know - with my weight) and people who don't matter. Nothing matters when I'm riding. The world is literally a blur. The only sound is the blood pounding in my ears and the sound of my faithful bullet. It's like a support that never wanes. Never breaks. The feeling is indescribable.

At the end, there's the nothing you can do but make way for the bullet. Respect.


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