Saturday, 17 November 2012


I sat and stared into space as I thought what her mother would have told her. And how she would said it. I pictured her sitting on the sofa, sobbing. Her mother, standing up, a broom in one hand; other on her hip. No. Too dramatic, I decided. More like a modern family. They would sit together. Her mom consoling her. Saying things like “These things happen....” and “These feelings will go away after a while...”
Those feelings may go away. But I sure ain’t going anywhere. I’m going to be around a while. (That being at least 70 years.) Are you going to avoid me for seventy years? No contact at all?
And why no contact? Because we are close? Because we understand each other so well? Because we share everything with each other? Be cause we chat late into the night? Because we say that we miss each other? Because your mom told you to stay away?
Last time I checked, this wasn’t Victorian England. And this was a free country. Can’t you hang out with your friend? So what if it’s a boy? “Izzat ka sawal hai” you say. Keep forcing her not to talk and she might just run away with him. I’m not saying that’s gonna happen every time, but it’s a possibility. A lot of good that will do for your “izzat”.
Lets imagine a situation; You’re a middle class, literate man/woman. You’re walking down the road and you see your friend’s son/daughter walking with another boy/girl. They are walking close to each other.
1.      Why are you still looking?
2.      Why did you look at them in the first place? You like to look at teens?
3.      You have kids don’t you? That means you had SEX. They are just walking together.
4.      It’s not even your kid. Does your friend pay you to spy on their kid?
People who look at couples walking together on the street and think “Kiti vaya gele ahet”, well, it’s none of your damn business, thank you. And you’re not going to a trophy for talking about it behind backs.
And it’s not just me. Lot of boys and girls complain that they can’t spend time together outside the house just because people talk. It’s okay if people just talked. But they talk to their parents. Then comes the usual drama of he is not good for you. You are just 18; you have your life ahead of you. You might find someone better. Stay away from him.
Then the girl messages “We have to break contact. I am sorry.” Then the boy stares at the screen of his mobile. Unsure what to do, or feel.
As I stare at the wall, thinking about philosophy, I wait for that final message. I don’t know what i will feel after I get it. But I’m worried about her. Not me. Cause for me, a feeling is like the cold. After a while I don’t notice it’s there.
And it scares me.


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