Saturday, 3 November 2012


A week ago, a friend came over to my place. After some laughs and a few beers, he told me with a straight face- “My girlfriend is the most beautiful girl I have ever known. And I am so lucky to be with her.” Okay. That’s not what he said. He told me that she is a crazy and irrational girl. And that she needed some counselling.
When a guy meets the girl of his dreams, its heaven for him. The day seems brighter, the night (too) seems brighter(cause the moon seems brighter), The deos seem more fragrant and maths start to seem easy. But then the God above says “That’s enough heaven for you boy.” And he turns off a switch. That’s when the girl takes out the hidden weapons from her arsenal.
She expects boys to know everything! Her likes, dislikes, moods, what she means, what she doesn’t mean, what she wants to say (but doesn’t), what she doesn’t want to say(but does), what she wants to do, what she wants you to do...this could go on for a while. Then she expects us to open doors for her (because she’s a girl. And chivalry is dead) and the next second she fights for equal rights for women. Babe, chivalry was prevalent in the society when women had no rights whatsoever. Choose one, either we open your doors, and you don’t get any rights; or you open your own doors and get equal rights.
Girls don’t say what they mean, and say what they don’t mean. Just because the boy is behaving like an ass doesn’t give you the right to manipulate him. They don’t know what they want from a guy and they don’t know what they don’t want. They expect guys to know that.
“I got hurted so bad because of you”. Or those who know English a little better say “You hurt me so bad” followed by “I cried all night.” I admit, when girls cry, boys get awkward. They don’t know what to do or say. The quickest way out of this situation is to do what the girl says. So, at the end, the girl gets what she says and the boy is happy the girl is not crying anymore.
She knows better. At least, she thinks that she does. Just being more emotional and sensitive doesn’t mean you know better. Boys are emotional and sensitive too. Not as much as girls, though. With boys, it’s more about logical decisions. Not about i just wasn’t feeling....or I felt that....
Then comes the sacrifice. She sacrifices a lot to be with the guy. No one ever knows what ‘a lot’ exactly is. Girls, if you sacrifice something for a guy, tell him. There is a good chance he’ll appreciate it.
Relationships deteriorate because the girl doesn’t tell what she feels, or thinks. I’m not saying it’s all her fault. The world as it is now refuses to slow down. Fall in love, get your heart broken, fall out of love.  Move on. Fall in love again. Is it really love that we fall into? Or is it the idea of love?
Girls don’t know what they want. But then again, no one does. Whats the fun in living life if we already know everything?




  1. The short piece written above ..about girls,is what only a guy can understand !!!!! I am one of dos many who has suffered this ...thanxx SID for making ppl kno hw it feels :P

  2. well an awesome piece of writing. True to most of the extents. nice work.