Monday, 29 October 2012


A week ago, my friend came over to my place and burst into tears. After twenty minutes of sobbing, blaming and bad-mouthing her boyfriend, she finally told me what happened. “He NEVER listens to me and he can’t complete a goddamn sentence without swearing! ”, were her exact words.

When you meet a guy he puts on his best face and makes you think he is perfect. He is understanding, caring and likes the same things you do. But, as time passes you get to know the real person behind the awesome-looking fa├žade. He lies and cheats and treats you like you're a kid. “You won’t understand”, is the one sentence girls might hear often from a boyfriend. Do guys actually think girls are that dumb??  Just because we don’t comment on everything you say doesn’t mean we don’t understand what you mean. Constantly poking and taunting a girl about some guy who just talks to her is not how you show you are jealous. It is always perceived as over possessiveness. If you are jealous just tell it to your girlfriend instead of irritating her. Believe me, there will come a day when she will prefer talking to the other guy and not you. 

The other thing that girls hate is the feeling that they are competing with another girl for your attention. They hate feeling the need to keep up with someone else just to keep you happy. And boasting about being able to "handle" 10 girls at once is not an achievement. That just shows that you're afraid of commitment. I As our grandparents would probably say, love is a loosely defined word in today’s world. Not many of us mean it when we actually say it to someone else. Why give them hopes of a future together when there is no possibility of it existing?? Why do boys do that? Are they in such a desperate need of someone to say that they care for them

Blaming one person - the girl- for the downfall of a relationship isn’t fair. When two people are together, each one has to put aside their ego at times for the sake of the relationship. A girl sacrifices many things and they always go unnoticed. God forbid, the heavens might crash if a guy makes a sacrifice for the girl. I’m not saying every guy is like that but there are such guys out there who do all this. They lie, they cheat and then come back begging for forgiveness and acting as if nothing happened in the first place. No one is at fault in the deterioration of relationships. We fall in love too easily, think too little, refuse to sacrifice and then fall out of love even sooner. The meaning of ‘true love’ is lost somewhere and unless we put our egos aside we will never be able to find out what it actually means.

-Sincerely, girls.

By a guest writer - Aishwarya


  1. All the things written above are about a person whom I have never me commenting on it would not be right ...but yes about the last sentence .." The meaning of ‘true love’ is lost somewhere and unless we put our egos aside we will never be able to find out what it actually means". Would just say 1 thing...damn true and
    HATS OFF !!!
    AJ !

  2. nicely written.. just my notion that sacrifice made depends upon person...irrespective of whether it is girl or a boy.. Things hav become bad..but they were bad in 80's too..
    Just that our perspectives have changed.. A good news for u.. these ppl still exist in this world!