Friday, 9 May 2014

Life, Music

Music has always been a big part of my life. I can’t play any instrument that well. But usually, my air guitar is followed by awesome air drum solos.

Ever had the feeling that whenever a song starts, a voice inside your head goes “Yes. This is it.” You don’t have to skip ahead to see whether you like it or not. You just know you will. And a bond is formed between you and the song. It will always be one of your special songs. You can’t ever find it in yourself to delete it; even when you’re running low on memory. It always survives transitions between mobiles, and iPods. Even when you lost your whole backup, you find it stored safely in some other folder.

The song comes with a memory. It can be the song you listened to when you dreamed about her, and later listened to together, her head on your shoulder. It may have helped you get over him -assuring you there’s someone much better- it may have been the one you and friend listened to and danced along.
It doesn’t matter. Whenever you listen to it, everything changes. You may be in the Dombivli - CST  train at 9 in the morning, your nose pressed against a hairy armpit, and when the songs comes on, the song makes it better.

Sometimes, a song is forgotten. Lost between torrents of new ones. Then once, by chance, you are awake at 2 am in the morning, just about to go to sleep, and you find it in your playlist. And you play it. And it still feels the same. It doesn’t matter that it’s late. You’re tired and have to get up in the next morning. Assignments are pending. You have a lot of unfinished work. All forgotten.  The song moves you. It takes you to that special place in your universe. The lyrics, the music. Everything is just perfect. As if it was made for you.

Your dad comes out to see why you haven’t slept yet. He sees you with your eyes closed. Earphones plugged in. drumming away. Lost. Happy. He just turns of the lights and goes back. As he comes back, your mother is awake. He smiles and holds her hand. She smiles back. He’s thinking of a song. Their song. And she knows it too. She can see it in his eyes.  They used to dance to it on their honeymoon. And even after all these years. Even though everything has changed so much. The song remains the same. The romance, the joy, still the same. Because families, friends may drift apart, money can come and go. Studies may erode away your heart. But the magic of music is eternal.

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