Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I was in the middle of nowhere with lost faith and trust standing hopelessly; it’s funny how he came getting down from his Enfield walking towards me. Well actually I was in the middle of the road and blocking his way.” You could have died, miss” he said. “Oh yea I get it, you would have been held responsible for my death which is why you are showing this fake concern. Just go away” I said. Anyone at his place would have chosen to get angry and walk off, but this Enfield guy seemed different. He gave me a meek smile instead and took off. I was there crying at the side of the road for my hopeless life for the blemishes life gave me. Everything looked blur my aims, my purpose of being alive. I got up and walked towards the middle of the road to end my life. I could see a truck coming to hit me. 3....2....1….I counted to myself and closed my eyes to embrace death…Wham the truck passed by me, honking as it went, and I was pulled back by someone. “Who the hell is pulling me??” I screamed and tried to resist the pull. But the force was stronger .  “Why the heck do you want to die, miss??” The voice said. I turned back and it was the Enfield guy. “Stop showing your fake care, my life is none of your business so just fuck off.”  “I can’t let you die like this, at least for the sake of humanity if not anything” “Thank you for your humanity now let me go, will you??” “I will, provide you talk it out.” He said. “I don’t owe you an explanation Mr. Stranger better leave me alone.” “Fine; I will let you die if you talk things out and give me the reason for ending your life.” I had no option but to agree to this guy with a smiley face. Something lit up a hope inside me. “Ok.” I said. I was moving towards the side of the road to sit, when he said Won’t it seem odd if we make a conversation on the side of this road?? Let’s go in the city and talk over coffee.” “I am not going anywhere with you and coffee?? No way!!” “Chill I’ll have coffee you just talk.” He gave a wry smile which seemed convincing I wondered how. “Have a seat miss.” He said with his Enfield. I smiled and sat behind him (that smile seemed to be a smile after a decade of tears) and we whooshed towards the city.
The Enfield guy stopped in front of Café coffee day the best place for a coffee. It reminded me of my past with the guy whom I loved. We used to come to the same place every Sunday and talk over coffee. Tears rolled down my cheek again. He peeped on to my face from beneath and asked, “Shall we proceed??” “No I don’t want to go anywhere will you please just leave me where I was?” “But the deal isn’t done yet miss…so you just can’t leave.” “But…it’s the same place….him….Sunday…” I mumbled. “Oh I get it. But I think you should start with going up there with me and change your past.” He said. “Excuse me??” I looked surprised. “I mean you start with the same old place and get over it.” “I don’t want to get over anything please; I am here just so that you let me die peacefully. Just kidding; you are definitely dying today, no new start ok. It’s just that I love the coffee here so let’s go.” That felt annoyingly convincing. I went in with him and we sat on a table right around the corner isolated from rest of the café in front of the soothing sea waves. “2 lattes” he told the waitress. “I don’t want one but” I said. “It is for me chill.”(The meek smile again)He said. “Ok.” I said and wondered what I was doing there with some guy whose way I blocked. “So tell me about it.” He said. “What do you wana know and why??” “Umm..Well I can’t let a beautiful girl die like this.” “Excuse me. Don’t you dare get cheesy with me .“I stood up to leave. “Hey I was kidding. Why do u get serious every time?? Just sit down... Please. ” “Do you have any idea what the heck I am going through?? So would you please just shut up and let me go??” I burst out with tears.”  He pulled me back and urged me into my chair. The waitress arrived with the lattes and he handed one to me. “I don’t want it.”I pushed the mug back to him. “You shouldn’t die empty stomach you know; you would be hungry after death otherwise.” He cracked a dumb joke with a sheepish smile. I couldn’t help notice that all kinds of his smiles convinced me. I gave a faint smile and sipped my latte. “Good. So tell me what your name is?” “Miss. Depressed “I said. That’s a cute name. So what’s the name of that unfortunate guy who did this to you?” “Let’s not take the name can we??” I asked. “Oh sure…let’s call him Mr. Unfortunate or better Mr. Ass.” “Ha-ha” I laughed for the first time. “You look great when you laugh.”He said “And by the way I am not flirting okay” he gave that amazing smile. “Ha-ha I get it.” I smiled to my amusement. Then I got to my past. I told him about how I and Mr. Ass met how things were and how things have become. Mr. Enfield never tried to tell me he was an ass etc. what normally anyone would do. He just said “ The Past is the past and it is dark one. So why don’t you just forget it and move on. You have a life ahead of you with millions of good things on your way just like this coffee.”He said with a convincing smile. “Lol; I don’t like coffee by the way.” “Waiter, get this beautiful lady a lemonade.” He ordered, never taking his eyes off me. I couldn’t help but smile… We left the café and headed towards Mr. Enfield’s Enfield.  “So you still want to die Miss. Depressed??” “Call me Miss. Happy.” I Said. “Whoa, that’s great.”He said. I smiled and sat behind him. The stranger guy dropped me home.
“Thank you.” I said. “You are welcome Miss. Happily beautiful .” He said. “May I know your name by the way so that I can Thank you properly. Mr. Enfield” He said. I smiled to myself as that’s what I named him in my mind. “Bye” Mr. Enfield said,smiled and drove off into the horizon.
- a guest writer- Shivani

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