Friday, 28 June 2013


The day starts,
as it always does,
I realize I’m alone,
above all the buzz.

Hoping you will be there,
I open my eye,
to find you gone,
without even a goodbye.

The horror of it,
leaves me devastated,
people who don’t know,
ask why I am frustrated.

But they’ll never know ,
the memories we shared.
They’ll never ever know,
how much you cared.

The day starts again,
as it always will,
and I hope to find the stones,
rapping on the window sill.

The hope dies as always.
My heart pounds in my chest.
I was the one who left.
Hoping, it’ll be for the best.

You loved me always,
no matter how I behaved.
You proclaimed eternal love to me,
and I feel lucky to be saved.

You healed my heartbreak,
you healed my pain.
Sacrificing your own self,
you helped me regain.

I didn't want to chance it,
chance losing your love.
So I had to play the villain,
to save myself, my love.

Joined by love eternal,
always together we shall be,
in this life or the next,
I will give my heart to thee.

The winds and rustling leaves ,
the story of our love will carry.
So lovers can tread the seas of love,
Through the storms so scary.

(The reply)

The storms may be scary,
The seas may be rough,
But there is no thought scarier,
Than losing you my love.

Joined by eternal love,
Forever we shall be,
In this life and the next,
I too pledge my heart to thee.

- Aishwarya

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