Sunday, 30 June 2013


Movies like ‘Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa’, ‘Oh My Friend’ (Telegu) have always inspired us to have a best friend of the opposite gender. Many say you can share a lot of more things with your best friend of the opposite gender but, I feel it also has several consequences since I was a victim of the same thing.

 I met a girl back in school and as the days went by we got closer. Suddenly, one day she expressed her feelings for me and I was dumbstruck as it was my first experience of someone proposing to me. I said ‘NO’ to her there itself. Later, as a result of this, she started avoiding me and eventually, I did fall for her. But, it was too late to realise as she had started dating some other guy. And things were never the same as before.

College started and the same thing happened to me again. This time around I met a tomboyish girl who told me she lives in my complex but I never saw her before. We started spending a lot of time together as we had the same ambition. After a year, we mutually expressed our feelings towards each other. Things changed as the time we used to spend talking was wasted in holding hands and staring at each other. Furthermore, I never imagined of being physical with my best friend and this mainly led to our break-up.

Now, after all this, I have realized that either you should have the same sex best friend or you should not express your feelings towards the opposite one, otherwise as Akash says in the critically-acclaimed movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’- “Hum dost the, dost hain aur dost rahenge” will never be possible. And it would seem very fascinating in movies but in our lives, it’s the most complex situation to handle at this age.

 However, I still want to try my luck at it for the third time…who knows what might happen then!

-A guest writer -Parag Kharnare

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