Friday, 28 June 2013


It was the first day of his tutorials, and needless to say, he was pretty much bored. But that was normal. He become bored quickly when he was not racing downhill on his cycle, rafting, para-gliding or deep sea diving. His male friends were looking at the pretty girl; and his female friends were looking at cute boys. That was worse than boring, for him. He figured out that the first lecture would be pretty much uneventful; if you count falling in love with the girl whom you hate almost everything, as eventful. That’s what happened. That’s Love.

He settled himself on the left corner in the last row. His bench could seat two more people, but no one sat beside him. Everyone stayed clear of that serious looking boy; who looked as if he could kill you by just staring at you. Anyway, he was doing nothing destructive sitting in that corner all by himself. That was precisely the moment when Arya decided to pull the earphones out of his ears. That was typical of her. She was used to have her own way. But then, so was he.

“Can I sit here please?” Arya

“No” came back the reply without missing a beat.

Arya sat down.

He was already irritated at the immaturity displayed by his colleagues, and now Arya made the matters worse by (1) Pulling out his earphones, (2) Sitting beside him when he had already said no.

He searched the class for another place for that girl to sit. He found none. Instead he found that every single head had turned to look at him. Surprised he looked at Arya. He immediately he understood the reason of all the staring. Sitting beside him was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He now knew the meaning of the phrase “drop-dead gorgeous”. Considering all this, his heart nearly jumped out his chest, when she turned at him, smiled sweetly, and said “I love You.”

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