Thursday, 4 July 2013


We all know, in life, what success is and what failure is. But these are two sides of the same coin, one being never ending and one is never final.

When you enter into college life, it feels different, doesn't it? There is a sense of independence, freedom and DREAMS to achieve many things. When we come out of the traps of school and we desire to fly like a free bird. But when you fly you are bound to fall. No, I am not demotivating you. You should fly but you should never fear a fall because after a fall, you rise.

Many after tasting success in their boards in 10th feel achieved success, being on top of the world. But it’s just a footstep into an ocean where success is unending and it comes with roadblocks.

One must remember every morning is a new one, what you have achieved in the past matters least when you don’t perform today. Today is what you are. Don’t you agree?  

Steve Jobs made a company like Apple a $2 billion dollars incorporation, in 10 years since its start in his garage! What success! But soon he saw failure by being fired from his company. What next?? You all know he rose again came back and tasted success after success from iPods to iPads to iPhones he did not stop!

Samsung, many have it in your pockets! It was a huge failure. But got success from Corby then Wave and then the Galaxy series and the success is still on…

Sachin Tendulkar, big success at a young age, failure when people are at peak booed in hometown down with injuries, but hunger for success always there. More than a year without his 100th hundred didn’t matter him as a failure .Failure could not lessen his passion, nor he stopped after 1 success. That made him score 100 100’s and many thousands of runs.

All these examples had 1 thing in common they did not stop after one success nor a failure could stop them. They were back with a bang!

You will hear “NO” in your life many a times . Girls reject boys all the time. You don’t value that “no”. You just ask the next one and move on. Wear a fastrack. It helps.

You need to do the same, search a way out of failures, in life. Like you never give up when you want to convince your friend for an outing. Just don’t give up.

Failure is not the dead end it is just to give a new turn to your life.


- A guest writer- Varun

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