Friday, 5 July 2013


No one is ever happy,
with what they already have.
Everyone is on a quest,
to attain what they crave.

The less fortunate crowd,
wander in search of food.
The remaining few search too,
for something not so crude.

I too am a wanderer,
seeking my own sacred grove.
Combing the face of the earth,
I roam in the search of love.

Eyes of strangers question me,
 through the crowds as I shove.
I wander through the streets of life,
journeying in the search of love.

'What is love to you?',
people ask me everyday.
It is as beautiful as the sunrise,
to those skeptics, I say.

The feeling of safety and elation,
of beauty and of care,
of warmth and of comfort,
with bitter-sweet memories to share.

Life goes by fluttering past me.
Many quests meet their end.
Only the quest of love never dies.
It never goes out of 'trend'.

Even after my eyes close,
my quest stays alive.
I still wander through the streets,
journeying forever,
searching eternity.


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