Monday, 9 September 2013


I am living the last night of my first year engineering and I am sure I wont be a dropout.

It wasnt a cake walk, studying engineering and the icing was to be in the midst of gujjus, eat the food they eat, listen to their mother tongue, and the best part, try to understand the gujju humour, which I am still trying.  Before I chewed and gulped that fact that I am  engineering student, I watched myself running, running to get everything done, the assignment, the writeups, and the endless preparations for the immortal exams.

Perhaps that is the reason why seniors say that they didnt realize how those four years vanished.

My very good friend once said,
" I follow the Bill Gates mantra, do everything on the last minute, when you mind is most active and most pressurized. It does wonders to your planning skills"

Dude, I cant. The deadline, the submission date, it always triggered me, make me have nightmares but eventually got work done.

I lived through almost all the experiences, the tear was never as salty as before, as it tasted when I  flunked mechanics, the life was never as happening as before, as it got when I met those idiots, my besties, the pain wasnt as grave as before as it was when I ended up, losing certain people, the feeling of satisfaction was never as soothing as before, which I got, after I completed my welding, carpentry and fitting jobs, the relief was never as enormous as before, which I felt after completing those imperial sheets, and  life was never as hilarious as before I got admitted to an engineering college.

The sweat,  the rain, the train, the canteen, the lab, the everything, I am nostalgic, and I am proud of myself, that I could survive, and experience the engineering course.

-By a guest writer Damini Arora

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