Thursday, 4 July 2013


Okay. He had imagined that “I love you” part. But there was no denying that she was absolutely gorgeous.

“Oh! You like Greenday. Achcha hain. But it is a little loud for my liking. I like Metallica jyada.”

He just pointed out that Metallica was heavy metal, which was very much louder than Greenday.

“Jaane de na. Afterall they are only bands.”

His blood boiled on hearing Greenday as ‘only a band’.

Before he could reply the Teacher came in, so he again plugged his earphones in and continued listening to ‘American Idiot’. Everyone stood up to greet the Teacher. His song was again interrupted by Arya. He was not standing. So what? He never greeted Teachers. They came in, they went out; it mattered to him as much as a pile of bat droppings. But you had to greet them. Damn, she was persistent. He stood up so that she would stop hammering his skull with her knuckles.

“By the way, I am Arya”
“What is your name?”
“George Bush.”

The teacher had started to teach some maths. One and a half hour of drilling into him what he already knew. Having nothing better to do, He started observing Arya, which he found, to his surprise, found very entertaining
Her hair, dark brown with some streaks of light brown, was made that way by a hair specialist. That meant that she was rich enough to afford one, or she spent all of her savings on her hair.

She wore no earrings. But instead there were real flowers in her ears. Little violet flowers which matched with her pink top. Shit. What was happening to him? He was thinking about a girl that wore flowers in her ear that matched her top.

Her eyes were brown. Closer examination revealed that they were the same shade as his. The brown eyes…were looking directly into his. F***. He quickly looked the other. Had she known that he was studying her? What would she say? What she said to Him was-

“I know. Your eyes are beautiful too. I wonder why Shilpa was telling me not to look in your eyes. They are soo deep!”

That was a pleasant surprise. Nobody had ever told him that his eyes were beautiful. Nobody ever looked in them. But wait…she said”..beautiful too.” That meant that she knew he was thinking about her eyes. That was not possible unless their brainwaves matched. And Brain waves matched only when you are…SOULMATES.

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