Friday, 5 July 2013


He and Arya..soul mates??! That was just ridiculous as a politician being truthful or ice being smoking hot. He would never like her. There was one in a million chance that he would love her. Turns out, this time was the one in the million chances that he would fall in love with her. 

He realized that the Teacher was calling out to him; asking him something. One glance at the board told him all he needed. 

“A is equal to three root two and B is equal to six by seven.” 
“That is absolutely correct. But in fact I was asking you to turn off the AC.” 

Thats just great. Making a fool of himself in front of a girl. But wait..since when did he mind himself in front of girls? He just didn't care what they thought of him…until now. It mattered to him what she thought of him. How he talked, reacted, acted, lifted his hand, made expressions; all of those mattered when it concerned Arya. It was an instinct he had never felt. The instinct of impressing the opposite sex. He felt a power. He felt very energetic, agile and alert. His brain told him that his hormones were creating such reactions. But his heart knew better. It told him that Arya was the cause. It told him that he should flow with it. Still…he was, at that moment, very powerful. And he hated it. 
He hated that a stranger to him could do this to him, could control his body, his functioning which he couldn't. He wanted to resist it. He wanted to destroy the one who was at the root of all this. 

CALM DOWN. Shouted his heart. Its your nature. All males react in the same way. Don’t over react. You know you love her. 

NO. He did not love her. She was nothing like the girl that he imagined. She was too open, too easy going. She kept nothing in her mind. She was at the complete mercy of the one in front of her. In short, she was the complete opposite of him. 

‘She is your equal and opposite’ prompted his Heart ‘And opposites attract.’ 

Then he decided something that would have shocked himself twenty minutes ago. He decided that he wanted to spend more time with her. 

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