Saturday, 15 September 2012


Get up early. Avoid yawning. Brush. Bathe. Locate bags, books. Mom! Where are my socks? Lunch? Bottle? Shoes? Okay Go!
Level One- get out the house without forgetting anything- Complete.  Initialising Level Two-get in the train without getting killed. You hope everyday that at least today, the crowd will be less. At least today you will get a place to stand without looking like the Statue of Liberty replica. The train enters (On your mark) you see your compartment (Get set) the train stops (SPARTAAAA!) It’s a bad starts for a bad day. Statue of liberty again. The arse hole in front of you has his elbow in your face. The one behind you has something pointy in his pocket. Train journey passes in a blur of unknown faces and curses. Change trains. Same story over again.
Level Two complete. Whew. Lectures are boring. Some are fun. Practicals are more about completing journals. Assignments are like a bad dream. You want to forget it; but cant. Study is equivalent to completing assignments or journals. You take out all your frustration on the poor pipe in plumbing workshop. The canteen food is eatable, but nothing matters when you’re with your friends. Fried rice, vada pav.
Still, you go to college just because the demon percentage- 75- forces you to. It lurks just behind you, in the shadows. Waiting for you to slip up, make a mistake. It emerges, smiling, when you start enjoying too much; bunking lectures.
Conversations range from “I have started studying”(Pause for laughter) to “Its chem now. Shit yaar...” and the occasional “what did you just call me??” or “Let go of my shirt!”
You gave up two years of your life so that the next four years would be enjoyable. Now, you’re giving up those enjoyable four years (and three more for PG) so that the rest of your life goes well. First class for four years and you start seeing the Microsoft logo wherever you go.
But it’s never ending actually, you are going to give up more years to get a promotion, the latest model of a car or the iPhone 9. Then you start whining about the corporate life. That’s where i come in. I write about the corporate life, so that you can read it and nod along, smiling.
But then, you shut down the laptop and go back to your chaotic life. Full of friends, laughter, travelling, exams and journals. And of course... this blog.


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