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The 21st century was the pioneer of the concept “Group”. As per Teen 101 dictionary the term group can be defined as “teenagers from same or different institute irrespective of their gender come together for the sole purpose of doing nothing but timepass.”
The concept of group prevails in schools but it enters usually at the end year of our school life. As we commence with our college life The Real Group starts. Movies, music, parties, relationships, etc are the features of group!!
Groups are of three types 1. Girls-Girls Group (La Group) 
2. Boy-Boys Group (Dude Group) 
3. Girls-Boys Group (Mixed Group) 
FYI I took the liberty of naming them.

La Groups are small with five girls. If it increases they can’t stand each other. If it the count decreases, its not a group anymore. This group is best known for doings Gossips (Regardless of topic). There are frequent screaming situation observed in this group for instance they celebrate “Seeing” each other by screaming and hugging! They even walk on the road holding their hands (if boys do that...i need not say any further).
La Girls is the most controversial kinda group among all. Usually the members criticize “other” people outside the group but La Girls criticize their own group member, unusual but true! For instance Riya, Rima and Revati, three girlfriends are talking and Riya goes off the sight for some reason,
Rima, “Dont you think Riya is mean?"
Revati, "Yeah! Totally I was gonna tell tell same...” and blah blah...
After sometime if Revati goes off the sight
Riya, "Whats all that about? Why is Revati showing so much attitude?”
Rima, "I don’t know but she has been the same since beginning. I don’t like her”
Well here Who-Likes-Who is a paradoxical question!! But when they are together the collectively criticize others.

The Dude Group is the most Happy-Go-Lucky group! History has witnessed that many successful films are made on this kinda group. There are usually three or maximum five members.
They don’t gossip, they don’t criticize because lets face it they don’t really care! Fun is their only motto. Movies are their oxygen! Planning, organising, co-ordinating, rules, limitations are the words not in their dictionary!
They share only fun and happy moments and sneak their asses out in complicated situation unless the situation is too damn serious.
These groups usually last long. They fight on silly things and forgive after split second! They never care to wish happy birthday, friendship day, or any such crap for them everyday is friendship day but they are totally concerned with Party!
One friend to another,”Hey dude happy birthday!!”
Birthday boy, "bastard it was yesterday...”
“Anyway where is the party, Jackass!?!?”
There is nothing much to say about this group. You give them the latest iPhone, a Xbox to play with, a bike to ride, cool remote controlled car or helicopter, hundreds of movies and they are happy as hell!

Mixed group it could be as small as five or as large as twenty or even more! They prefer calling them by certain “name” such as Magic, Juvenile, Parindey etc and creating facebook groups by name “magic rockers!” anything with “rocker” at the end! (or sometime with Roxxxxx at the end)

9 out of 10 times this group is formed in college or class! And is mostly likely to break at the end of academic year. And when few of the group members meet after some year they are like, “oh we used to have so much fun!!”
(FYI the above sentence is usually said by a girl or a boy unless he is gay or talking to another girl)
Members of mixed group constitute of some geeks, some Romeos, fashion freak girls, freak girls, beautiful girls, dumb boys/girls, some who don’t care about group, some Oh-No-My-Mom-Wont-Allow people!
They love celebrating each and every day. They go  “Haaapppyyy fraaaandship day guyzzzzz!!!!!” (Extra the "a", extra the "z",extra the flava)

They’ll call each other in the middle of night just to wish Happy B’day. They make plans, hell lotta plans but the problem is never implement one!
Most of the problems are seen in This group. Sometimes there are even groups within group, few don’t talk to other few they are like...
“If he is coming then I’ll not am sorry”
Relationships prevail in this group promptly. Name me one single mixed group without a single relationship and i‘ll kiss you in public (provided "you" is a girl, hot).
Favourite hobby of mixed group is taking photos where ever they go and uploading them on facebook and commenting till their fingers start paining and typing nothing else than “guys had a lots of fun” “totally you remember this?” “you remember that?” and “bullshit”! favourite poses are standing in a cirle, making a star of fingers, legs etc!!!

This is an observation from a distance. I am myself a part of a Dude group with my best friends.
so, its not judgemental. just observational.


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