Saturday, 8 September 2012


    I glance at my mobile screen for the 27th time. (Yes I was counting.) She has not replied to my last message yet. I start to worry. Did I say anything wrong in it? I open my outbox and check it. No problem. It’s all fine. Maybe she is typing a long reply for me. I smile. Thoughts like that always make me smile.

    I know that her exams start from the day after tomorrow. I know she has to study, and probably, she is studying. Right now I am being selfish. I want her to talk to me. That’s selfish. I don’t care. You heard me. I don’t effing care at all. I reply to her messages instantly. She should also do the same. She should have replied by now. But my anger for this trivial thing is baseless. My love for her surpasses it all.

“...this life is so old,
Feels just like a beat-up truck...’
So sing The WallFlowers.

No dude, I think. Being in love is far away from a beat-up truck. It is a magnificent thing that cannot be explained with images, words or even everything combined. The power of love can only be felt through experience. Feel it to believe it!

Studies have shown that love has the ability to numb pain and up to some extent, cure cancer. I don’t know anything about that. I am not in pain and I certainly don’t have cancer. Still, I love being in love.

My mobile vibrates. The screen lights up. My heart rate doubles. Overjoyed, I gaze at the “1 NEW MESSAGE” sign before selecting to view it. It’s from her.

“hey jst 10 mins hav passd since ur last sms nd im alredy missin u.......”

YES! YES! YES! Oh how much I love this girl! I hurriedly typed out a reply making many mistakes in the process.

“1o mins!!!!! Felt lyk hours 2 me. Guess d old german ful was ryt abt relativity.’

“wanna chat? :) ;)"

“any time 4 u. Bt wat abt ur studis?”

“studyin sucks. I wud lyk 2 spnd this nyt wid u. Bt as dat is nt possible, i will stick 2 chatting. Now shut up nd chat wid me.”

Have I told you how much I love this girl?     

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