Tuesday, 7 August 2012


It’s  not hard to be “just friends” with the girl you truly love. That is, if you have excellent self control. (Which is, by the way, as common as sky blue pandas.) You really need the self control... You need it every time you see her walking towards you, with a half smile on her beautiful face. She is wearing her bag across her shoulder. It nearly comes down up to her knees. You hate it when someone does that. But it looks exceptionally good on her. You try to look in her eyes, but you don’t; afraid that somehow she will understand how you really feel about her.

You need the self control to message her “mu” instead of the “ilu” you want to say.

You need self control not to call her just to hear the sound of her voice.

You need it when she tells you about her latest crush.

You need it when someone tells you how awesome she is.

You need it when you accidently brush your arm against her.

You search for jokes when she tells you that she is bored.

You see her on blank papers, white walls and the back of your eyes.

You see the two of you in a couple walking on the road, holding hands, lost in each other.

You are ready to accept, nay, you have already accepted her, with all her perfections and imperfections.

You think that you really need to stop thinking so much about her; that she considers you as her friend; but you don’t really do it.

Doing that makes your eyes sad and heart water. You can’t sleep.

Even if you do sleep (sky blue pandas again) you dream about her.

Only one thing can help you now.


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  1. just friend was one of my favorite...it is completely beautiful within itself.:)