Thursday, 2 August 2012


Its a walk down,
The memory lane,
I’m going to see the house
I lived through summer and rain.

The house is was destroyed,
I know that,
A great fire burned and burned,
The whole area flat.

Only a few buildings survived the fire,
My being among them,
It was so, because,
It happened to be at the end of the lane.

I remember how I used to walk this way
How I’m walking now,
I remember how I used to stop this way,
How I’m stopping now.

I used to look up, at the first floor,
Searching for the pretty girl’s eyes,
I used to find them then,
Looking right into mine.

I used to stand and gaze at her,
Stopping time and tide,
She used to wave her pretty wave,
And smile her pretty smile.

I look up at the first floor now,
An old habit of mine,
I see the same pretty eyes, and,
I see the same pretty smile.

Confused, I look up again,
Breathing in sharply,
I see the girl I used to see,
Standing in the same window, smiling happily.

I look into her empty eyes,
I see her empty wave,
I understand whats going on,
I suddenly turn away.

The fire, the death, the horror,
It all comes back to me now,
How I escaped, she did not,
I remember it all now.

They took all the bodies away,
Every last one of them,
But I know the spirits never went away,
I know she is one of them.

I quickened my pace,
I ignored her call,
I ran over burned roads,
I jumped over charred walls.

I vowed never to go back,
Promised myself, crossed my heart,
But, i knew, and I was sure that nothing would ever,
Keep us two ghosts apart.



  1. the ending was really nice...middle one was romantic..starting was...wowwy...overall..awesome:)