Sunday, 12 August 2012


Years passed and still that very existence of ‘God’ remains a mystery. Every religion has its own theory to explain, has its own believers and has its own culture. But certain group of our society doesn’t believe of something called God. They are atheist, I’m an atheist.

We are not against God; it’s just that, we don’t stand in his fan club. Just because your ancestors followed a certain religion doesn’t mean you should. We don’t expect anyone to do good for us; we don’t pray before the exams, we don’t believe. But after all this we aren’t the bad people. Do you know who bad people are? The person who killed millions just for sake of religion, the person who fooled the masses with the name of God and the person who wants his religion to dominate over others. It's kind of pig-headed to claim that your religion is the right religion, when other kids, like you, have been taught the same things about their religion. Just open your mind a bit, to different possibilities.

Religion divides, even if it’s not observed in everyday life. At the end of the day Muslim teaches his son Islam and Hindu teaches his son Hinduism and so it goes on from generation to generation and that very small line of division fades every day. And as the law of universe it is ‘to dominate’, people will shed blood again, and after a revolution there will be victory not of a religion but of the devil. 

We wish we could change people’s views for it would have saved mankind. In the meanwhile, good night, have a great sleep.


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